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  • How do I participate?
    To apply for the Travel Blog Awards, you can submit one case per category you wish to apply for. Participants can send in max. 6 cases: 2 different blog post in two different thematic categories (see below) 1 image for Image of the Year 1 video for Video of the Year 1 post for Social Post of the Year 1 video for Social Video of the Year Go to the "participate" page to submit your cases. UPDATE: Submissions for the Belgian Travel Blog Awards 2024 have now been closed, you can send your cases in again for the Belgian Travel Blog Awards 2025 next year!
  • Does my case have to be from 2023?
    Yes, your submitted case has to be one from last year.
  • Does my case have to be a paid campaign?
    Your case does not necessarily have to be a campaign. If you have travelled somewhere, without it being a cooperation, you can still use the content you created as a case. We are looking for the best travel content. So whether it is a marketing campaign or a personal story, both can be used to participate.
  • What is the deadline?
    The deadline for subscription is Sunday 17 December 2023, end of day.
  • How does the evaluation process work?
    Every case will be evaluated by a professional jury. They will use several criteria to grade each case, but they will mainly focus on the content. In the beginning of February the nominees per category will be announced. This also means your fans and followers can start voting for the audience choice award. The winners of the other categories will be chosen by our professional jury. All winners will be revealed during the event on 16 March 2024.
  • Can I apply for the Audience Choice Award?
    The Audience Choice Award will be chosen out of all blog submissions. If you apply for one blog category, you automatically apply for the Audience Choice Award as well.
  • Do I have to be present at the Award Show?
    Of course we would love for you to be present at the Award Show, but you can still apply for the Awards even if you can't attend the event. That being said, we're making sure it's an evening you don't want to miss. So be there for the best networking opportunities, a great award show including seated dinner and an unforgettable after party!
  • What's the different between Social Post of the Year, Image of the Year, Social Video of the Year and Video of the Year?
    Okay, we get it. These categories might need some clarification. Keep in mind that if you click on one of the images of the different categories on the homepage, you get some more information about that specific category as well. Social Post of the Year This is the category for all social media savvy creators. The category will be assessed based on the social post as a whole, including the photography, caption, interaction etc. A URL to your social post will do. Last year, Reels could also be submitted in this category, please note that this year only posts are allowed. For Reels & TikToks a brand new category was created: Social Video of the Year. Social Video of the Year This brand new category is intended for all those great Belgian content creators who surprise their audience with catchy or charming TikToks and Reels about travel. Looking forward to see what you have in store for us! Image of the Year This is a category for all the great ​photographers out there! Whether you are a professional or you're just really proud of one of your latest travel snaps. This category is open for all! Upload your best picture in the application form. Video of the Year With new video platforms rising up, video content is becoming more important than ever. In this category you can share all your great video content. From drone shots to YouTube video's. How do you participate? Either by uploading the video or by sharing a URL to your video content (preferred). Keep in mind that all content has to be travel related. This year, there is also a brand new category for TikToks and Reels, so no longer submit these content types in this category.
  • Is it possible to register for the event?
    Yes! You can register through this link. Keep in mind that seats are limited and the nominees will be given priority to attend the event.
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